Friday, August 08, 2014

Boris Johnson - style over substance. And a bit of a shit...

Politics is about achievement or it is nothing. Obviously electoral achievement is usually a pre-requisite. Style might win you an election, but winning an election is only a necessary condition, not a sufficient one. Boris Johnson beat a discredited Ken Livingstone. Just. A more respectable Labour candidate would have won easily. But let me not be churlish - Boris did indeed win. Twice. Since then what? That's when style was no longer enough - he needed substance. And that was a lot more difficult. Agreed Mayor of a London is not much of a job - but Boris hasn't done much in it. Name me one thing BoJo has done which has made life for the Londoner better. Tricky eh?

The style of Boris is a populist one. A bit of a card. Genial. A "nice man" as a bizarre love letter to him on the ConHome blog site by someone called JP Floru put it. But many would say he is a shit in his private life. Does this matter in a post Puritan society? Well yes it does. I don't want a cruel philanderer as Prime Minister, someone who is a serial adulterer who has treated his women as playthings for his entertainment. Doubt me? Ask Petronella.

To achieve you have to work hard. Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown (especially) put in the hours. BJ is a lazy sod. Because he's bright he thinks he's smart enough not to have to work. Sorry but you can't have a PM who is indolent, even Cameron isn't that.

To achieve you have to be consistent, or reasonably so. Boris sways with the wind. Not to put too fine a point on it he lies. Most recently over whether he would stand in 2015, but on most things. He has principles - and if you don't like them he's plenty more. How long before he modifies his (admirable) pro immigration stance? Not long I'm sure.

To summarise. On character Johnson fails, badly. On effort it's D--. On experience it's - well not much. He is a fluffy, self-confident, lazy lightweight. The Tories, and by default the Nation, have tried the "back to the future" idea of an elitist, out-of-touch Etonian in Number 10. We won't fall for it again. 


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