Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What should Dave Do?

How about "Put the people first"? Would it be too much to hope that the PRIME MINISTER (that's not a Party post) would say, as others have before (notably the good Lady herself) "Enough!". Enough of the Party bickering. Enough of the flip-flop politics. Enough of the acting by Focus Group. Enough of the disloyalty. Enough of the utterly disproportionate time and energy (my time and energy!) spent on secondary issues. 

The Coaltion was formed (or so the rhetoric had it) as a pragmatic mechanism to sort out Britain's problems. These problems did not, and do not, include the UK's membership of the EU - you would hardly enter into a five year coalition with Britain's most Europhile Party if you intended to put our membership of the EU at risk! They did not and do not include Gay Marriage. Of course it is morally right to give homosexuals the same civil rights as heterosexuals - it was, as with Europe, only internal Party dissidents who embarrassed the PM on this issue. Shameful. 

So Cameron needs to rise above Party and start acting as a Leader. Tell his opponents to shut up or do the other thing - bugger off to UKIP if they want to! Few if any will. They haven't the balls. Once Cameron starts acting solely in the National Interest and stops bending to the wind caused by the latest Old Right obsession - socially illiberal or obsessively Eurosceptic - then he might become credible again. It's the Economy stupid. And our duties as a member of our Alliances (Economic, Military, Historic). That's what counts. 

COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY please Dave. Dig out the Coalition agreement. Stick to it.


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