Saturday, August 03, 2013

Fury on the Left about the Immigration Vans will have made LyntonCrosby's day!

Oh dear we Lefties have fallen for it! The Immigration vans are not about using an advertising medium well or badly. They are about getting secondary and tertiary media coverage. The vans would have largely have been unnoticed - their impact confined to a very narrow area and miniscule percentage of the population. Except that the opponents of the message got in a lather and a media explosion ensued. Which is, of course, exactly what Lynton and the boys wanted! 

For every pound of media expenditure on the Vans themselves the Tories have multiplied that one hundred fold with the unpaid for secondary coverage. Like this article! This is dog whistle politics pure and simple. It's not even particularly subliminal - are you thinking what we are thinking ? Without earnest and no doubt sincere fury from the Left the vans would have gone unnoticed. As it is we now know that (here's the message) the Tories will go for the illegals and Labour will defend them. And that's worth a couple of percentage points to the Conservatives in the polls! 


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