Friday, April 11, 2014

Lord protect us from a Banker Prime Minister !

There is no evidence that successful businessmen make successful politicians - Hezza aside maybe.  I see nothing in Sajid Javid's story that makes me thing that he is anything more than a clever, ambitious self-promoting neo-liberal who believes that Britain can be run like a business. 

His equanimity about Britain being outside the EU is self-interest. There is a hardly a respectable business figure who would agree with him. I see no evidence of any beliefs other than those that hit the Tory hot buttons. Everything he says is designed to build his CV - and Cameron has fallen for it and helped him on his way. If you read through his tweets over the past few months there is no humour,no hinterland no originality. Just slavish approval for Cameron/Osborne and dismissive rudery about Labour

I appreciate that Tories are clutching at straws - Stephen Pollard has already said he wants Javid in Number 10 NOW!! - but Mr Javid is a curious choice. Because the business world is so discredited that the last thing most of us would vote for is a Banker Prime Minister. What a ghastly idea ! 


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