Monday, August 25, 2014

Cameron playing narrow Party politics in his changing position on Europe

Once again Cameron is following, not leading. And he is doing so for the worst possible reason - to try and save his own skin. It won't work. The UKIP position will be "Don't trust him" - with some justice. And I doubt that one ex Tory voter now in the UKIP camp will be persuaded by this opportunism. 

The irony and indeed infamy of a Prime Minister putting Britain's best interests at stake to try and save his job is frankly sordid. Across the countries of the EU, and in the Commission, there is acceptance of the need for change. They will not accept, however, that the best way to achieve change is through bilateral negotiations. With the UK, or any other member. 

The FCO and every other adviser that Cameron has has told him that you don't change the European Union with threats. The Prime Minster has long since conceded the moral high ground on Europe to Labour. Let's hope that the electorate next year give Miliband a mandate to negotiate not in Britain's narrow interest (that won't work) but in the interest of Europe as a whole. That Statesmanlike position may lose him a few votes to UKIP. But Britain's image, tarnished by Cameron's vacillation and failure, will have a chance to recover.  


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