Sunday, September 07, 2014

The end of Britain is around the corner - is that really what the Scots want?

Scotland is not "redefining what it means to be British" , as one commentator put it, she is deciding for us whether any of us can be British in future. To be British means to be a citizen of the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". If we are no longer "United" we are no longer "British". 

With respect to them let's forget the Northern Irish for a moment. The creation of this province was necessary, at the time, to appease the Ulster Protestants. But in modern times we have seen much progress towards the recreation of a united Ireland. The hard-nosed Ulsterman won't like it but once the Catholics have a majority in the Province a referendum will surely be held and it will lead to one Ireland.

So what of "Great Britain"? Well with Scotland gone that just leaves England and Wales. My guess is that by steps Wales will become sovereign. The Assembly will morph into a Parliament and the principality will become an independent State. Why not? It's a perfectly achievable ambition and if Scotland goes Wales will as well.

So the UK will break up and I will lose my British Passport and get an English one. Britain will no longer exist, except as a bit of history. It will be the final nail in the coffin of the British empire. The Union Flag will be consigned to the museum. The British Parliament and The British Army will go. Indeed any use of the word "British" will have to change. It defies belief but it's all true. 😩


At 10:20 pm , Blogger Unknown said...

I do hope that means we can adopt Jerusalem as our anthem!!!

I think you are absolutely right Paddy. Some of my friends are signing up for a rebirth of Mercia! The state of this country under the hands of the ruthless Tories has caused a lot of people - a lot more than Cameron ever thought - in Scotland to want to escape the machinations of Westminster thugs r us! What an independent Scotland will be like in ten years time is hard, yay, impossible to predict. However I do believe if Scotland vote for independence then the writing is on the wall. Bring it on? I'm glad I haven't renewed my passport yet!!! Cheers Paddy. I will be posting this on Twitter and FB. Tis good.

At 5:51 pm , Blogger richardcalhoun said...

Well Paddy it's hardly true because it hasn't happened?
Wales will never go Indy, the nationalist movement has all but collapsed there?
As for rUK(N.I., Wales & England) we will still be a united kingdom?
If we sort out our democracy, federalise all our great regions we have dynamism to be a great nation once again


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