Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is it too much to hope for more clarity and less posturing on the issueof Britain in Europe?

One man one vote is a tenet of democracy. Only a totalitarian would want to change it. But the idea that while all votes are equal all opinions are also equally valid is simply wrong. That's why we have a Parliamentary democracy. Collectively we, the bright and the dim the informed and the ignorant, elect people to take decisions for us. Those we elect have a duty to inform - to tell the truth in clear language.

The problem with Europe is that as an issue it lends itself to superficial tub-thumping. UKIP, with their infantile behaviour in the European Parliament and their jingoistic posturing, has persuaded many that Britain's membership of the EU is damaging to us as a Nation. Of course the reverse is the case, and it's not just the Business community who knows it. But the case "For" is cerebral and complex - those persuaded by UKIP's faux patriotism won't or won't be able to listen to it.

If our Party leaders  believe in the value of Britain being at the centre of Europe - they all say they do - it's counter-productive to move one inch in UKIP's direction. That just helps them. What they must learn to do, as must we all, is find a way of making the case for Britain in Europe in a comprehensible way. That's why Cameron's posturing over the UK's requirement to make an extra EU budget contribution is so damaging. It feeds the fire stoked daily by UKIP. He knows that we'll have to pay it, and he's known this for months. And it will accrue him no political advantage - it just makes him look a prat.


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