Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ken Clarke is right on immigration

@BBCMarkMardell: Ken Clarke,on Today warns against 'ignorance & bigotory' and says Conservatives shouldn't 'follow nonsense' about EU immigration

This issue gets caught in the Bermuda Triangle zone borderered by what is right, what is possible and what is electorally attractive. For the conscience-free polemicists of UKIP only the third thing matters.They can parrot the Anti-Immigration prejudices of the ignorant, the racists, the scapegoters and the rest without worrying too much about it. We are in Mosley/Powell/Griffin territory here. It stinks , but fortunately the vast majority of the British people will want no truck with it if we reach out to them and explain.

For respectable Parties the challenge is to do what is right, and what is possible. And then try and make THAT electorally attractive. It isn't easy to combat deep-seated prejudice but if you have a moral imperative backed by the rules of national and international law then you have a good chance. You don't need to persuade all the Kippers and their malignant leaders, and you won't. But people are concerned about the issue and you must reach out to them and explain. That is a duty. I hope the Tories accept it, it is important that they do. 


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