Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Opposition to TTIP is increasingly paranoid, especially its alleged impact on the NHS

There is no chance that an individual State would feel obliged, as a result of TTIP,  to open up a public sector operation, like the NHS, to competition if it didn't want to. And to say as some are that it would mean the NHS being privatised is just absurd. The Health Service is already a puhlic/private partnership. Some parts of its operation are contracted out to the private sector and if this means greater efficiencies and value that's good. 

The NHS is not, or should not be, a giant bureaucratic public sector job creation scheme. Taxpayers pay 18% of our taxes for the Health Service and we want value. So long as healthcare  within the NHS , is of a high standard and broadly free I don't care who provides it. 

Opposition to TTIP is pretty obviously from the same bodies who object to contracting out in the Health Service. In my view this contracting out is not privatisation but, if it's properly done, a commonsense way of getting lower and a more efficient way of working. If we allow TTIP to improve the value and quality of those parts of the NHS we choose to contract out that has to be good


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