Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's send Alex Salmond home to think again...

This is the man who sought to destroy my country. And came dangerously close to succeeding. Where Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler failed to break Britain this tinpot petty nationalist almost did. It was an utterly fraudulent campaign. Six months before the Indy Ref vote two-thirds of electors were saying "No" to independence. So what did Salmond do? He turned the vote into a referendum on Cameron (etc.) and his governance of Britain/Scotland. The SNP plumbed the deep natural support for socialism in Scotland and persuaded natural Labour voters that the SNP was the true bearer of the Red Flag. Many voted "Yes" because they thought this was the socialist thing to do. An independent Scotland would be a Socialist paradise broken free of the nasty capitalists of Westminster.
It took Gordon Brown to shake a few Labour waverers back into the "No" camp and his intervention may well have been crucial. In the end the 55/45 vote against independence was clear - at least for a generation (as Salmond, in his cups, admitted). But now the "45" arrogantly won't accept the result and the SNP is seeking to build on Labour's Scottish weakness by claiming again to be the true heirs of Keir Hardie. A recent poll suggests that another IndyRef poll today would produce broadly the same outcome as the actual one in September. But tell that to the SNP, they don't want to listen.
I too want to be rid of Cameron and his motley crew of elitist incompetents. I too want Britain to return to its social democratic tradition and core values. And I want the Scots who have so often been honourable agents of change across these islands, to play their full part in Britain's recovery from the Coalition years. I want them to move away from the insularity and faux-patriotism of the SNP and embrace British politics again. Like UKIP South of the Border the SNP is a malignant force. Away with them ! We sent Alex Salmond home to think again. And if we have to do it again we will...


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