Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cover-ups are the Cancer of politics

There is a truly principled article from Peter Oborne in the Daily Telegraph today about the despicable failure to publish the Chilcott report. Cover-ups, like this,  are the Cancer of politics. Democracy is grievously weakened when position power is used to protect the guilty and prevent the truth being told to the people. The failure to publish the Chilcott report is scandalous. Cronyism preventing the proper investigation of politicians' complicity in child sex abuse is disgraceful. It is also contemptuous because it assumes that we, the general public, cannot cope with the truth. We can. And we can spot a phoney. 

The Establishment protects it's own - celebs like Rolf Harris aren't part of it so they get sent down. Politicians (well you know who they are) are protected. We know that Blair lied to us over Iraq. We know that there was a paedophile ring in Thatcher's administration. We know these things because we can read the runes and because a few brave people dig hard for the truth and promulgate it. Open Government means just that. Tell us the truth ! 

There are very, very few national security matters which need to remain secret. Everything else should be in the open - let's have genuine "freedom of information". And could we have a new breed of principled politicians not a mutual appreciation society of cronies. Too much to ask ?y


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