Monday, January 12, 2015

When a troll turns out to be on a major party's candidates' list!

You know that feeling when you find yourself in a Twitter exchange and soon wish that you were not? We've all been there and I would have pulled the plug on this silly tweeter much earlier than I did were it not for one fact. She says that she is on the Conservatives' Parliamentary candidates list! Now we know that is some way from actually being chosen as a Candidate, but as a public service I am happy to place the exchange on public record as an aid to any selection committee which might be thinking of considering Ms Joyce! The above was the initial exchange - as with the rest of the tweets it is self explanatory.

Ms Joyce then attempted to justify herself. Note how she moves from the issue under discussion to quite irrelevantly introducing my views on the monarchy, where I live and the likelihood of my reading "The Guardian" into it! 

So after this exchange Ms Joyce moves into full Troll mode! Personal insults. Assumptions about me. Just abuse really. I didn't respond!

So there you have it . Not the first nor the only person on Twitter to reveal the poverty of her intellect by simply abusing someone who disagrees with her. I disagreed with something she said. As I'm entitled to. She responded by playing the man (me) not the ball (the issue). Seems to me that, in this case at least, the Tories should be more careful who they allow on their Candidates' list!


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