Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The only people who want a Greek exit from the Euro are the British Eurosceptics.

As far as I can see the only people who want (as opposed to expect or forecast) a Greek exit from the Euro are the British Eurosceptics. And, of course, the Farages and the Hannans of this world want this not because they care much about Greece but because they hope that a withdrawal by Greece would precipitate chaos in the Eurozone leading to its destruction. (Interestingly there are also signs of Euroscepticsm among some on the hard Left as well - Owen Jones for example - so we may be teetering towards unholy alliance territory).

But the only alliance that really matters is that of the key players all of whom want to keep Greece in the Euro. These include:

The Greek Government and Opposition
The European Union
The European Central Bank
The International Monetary Fund
The WorldBunk 
The German Government (wavering a bit)
The United Stares of America

It would be quite astonishing if all of these players each with their own vested interests and varied reasons could not come up with a solution. Grexit could  still happen of course - but let's hope not. Surely none of us wants to hear  "I told you so" from Nigel Farage and his gang? 


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