Monday, August 24, 2015

The Labour leadership election–how I voted

Leader: Yvette Cooper
Deputy leader: 1) Stella Creasy 2) Tom Watson
London Mayor: Tessa Jowell

For me the choice of who to vote for for Leader was the only tricky one. See below!

I like both Stella and Tom and am happy to give them my first and second preference vote. Both are campaigners and resilient and determined. Good characteristics. I favour Stella because of her youth, gender and charm. (Not that Tom isn't charming of course…!)

As far as Tessa is concerned I saw her at close hand during London 2012. She was terrific both in the run up to the Olympics and during them. I worked for the Chef de Mission of the Dutch team and he was very complimentary about Tessa. And the Dutch don't throw compliments around too much.

So what about the Leader? I was extremely tempted to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. As I am much more of a Social Democrat that a Socialist this may seem perverse. My temptation was because I think our moribund British establishment needs shaking up. And the main task over the next four years is to hold an increasingly authoritarian Conservative Government to account. Jeremy would attempt to do this and I would wish him nothing but well in his task.
I also pretty much agree with Jeremy’s Manifesto – at least as it is summarised here (above). So why did I wimp out? I studied all the arguments made against Corbyn because of the platforms he has shared with some very dodgy characters. I think he may have been foolish but that is not my reason. Nor is his proposal to quit NATO – though that needs some finessing! My sole reason is that Corbyn does not seem to accept the position of Labour (as stated in the 2015 Election Manifesto) over the EU.
One of the reasons that I voted Labour in 2015 was that I agree 100% with what the manifesto said on Europe (above). Jeremy Corbyn is at best lukewarm and possibly not even that. There is no need for a special conference and it was this along with his general lack of enthusiasm for Britain in the EU which tipped the balance for me.

So why Yvette? Partly, I have to say, because she is the best of the rest. Partly because she is a woman and it’s about time Labour had a woman leader. Partly because she was a good Minister under Brown and has a formidable intellect. Is she charismatic enough to capture the public imagination? Let’s wait and see. I wish her well. If she gets the chance !


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No second vote for party leader? And no comment either way on Andy or Liz?


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