Friday, February 19, 2016

Tories playing personal ambition games with Britain's position in Europe

Boris Johnson, finessing his position on Europe to suit his personal advantage, is not alone. But why single Boris out for criticism? Virtually everyone in the Payroll vote is playing a game where personal advantage is the driver. There are one or two Ministers (etc.) who are enthusiastically pro UK in EU and rather more who are anti. And perhaps a few of the latter will do what their conscience (rather than their ambition) tells them. But why, if you're a young Minister in your first ministerial job, would you do what the Leader doesn't want you to do? For you and me it's fun to be a rebel. But however rebellious I was as an employee at (say) 40 I didn't want to screw up my career by being too much of a non-conformist! 

Although I think Tories (or once Tories) like Dan Hannan and Tim Montgomerie and Douglas Carswell and their like are very wrong on the EU question I do not question their sincerity and I admire their decisions to put their beliefs before personal advantage. Jeremy Corbyn I'm pretty sure did not do this. Like Michael Foot and Tony Benn before him he's a natural "outer". Only when he became leader did he become an EU enthusiast. I'm glad he did this and I'm pleased that his Party (a few oddballs excepted) is solidly pro "Remain". But like those pragmatically getting in line behind whatever nonsense Cameron "achieves" in his phoney negotiations Corbyn is part of the secret conspiracy to keep us in Europe. Boris may be as well. I hope it works, but I don't like it much!


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