Saturday, January 05, 2013

Does David Cameron actually believe in ANYTHING ?

Does David Cameron actually believe in ANYTHING ? I ask this in the context of the line now being peddled by his office that he will be the "Most Eurosceptic PM ever". Put aside for a moment the question as to what the hell this means. And let's also not be too squeamish about the vulgarity of political opportunism - which this stance so obviously is. What I would like to know, and as a citizen I have a right to know, is deep down what sort of Leader we have. Is he Green as once he claimed or does he lean more to Climate change denial as could be the case? Does he believe in Europe and Britain's central place in it (as he is on record as saying) or does he really want to become a Norway or a Switzerland? Does he want to be tender in his approach to the hoodies of this world (he wanted to hug them remember) - or does he want to lock them up and throw away the key.?

All successful politicians are pragmatists - they have to be. But the great ones (small in number perhaps) don't always bow to public opinion or just seek Party advantage. I thought Tony Blair was wrong on Iraq and Afghanistan - but he certainly followed his conscience (disastrously, but he did what he thought was right ). And so, mostly, did Margaret Thatcher. So did Ted Heath on Europe. And Roy Jenkins on social reform. And Harold Macmillan on the withdrawal from Empire. And Winston Churchill on almost everything! These politicians will be remembered for more than looking just at the Focus Group results and acting accordingly. And they will remembered also for not bowing to the trouble-makers in their Parties or putting the specious search for "Party unity" ahead of the National Interest.  Will David Cameron be remembered for anything ? Footnote in History time I think....


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